The Halakki folk songs and their idiosyncrasy of destigmatizing topics held unconventional by the mainstream society

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The Halakki folk songs mirror the usual lives of the community people. These songs are no different than the lives of their singers. Covering unconventional themes like sexual desires and illicit relationships, these folk songs reflect the normalcy of Halakki tribe which the general public

The Halakki traditional songs are the songs which are passed down from generation to generation. Singing is usually done by the Halakki women while the men attend to playing Gumte, a traditional Halakki drum. The songs are fused with many reflections of the regularities of life as well as the illicit issues as labelled by the mainstream society.

When it comes to the censored matters which the general society deems inappropriate to even have a liberal discussion about it, the Halakki women, and even the whole tribe for that matter, have a very impartial and unprejudiced approach to such subjects. They include such themes in their folksongs and sing them explicitly. These folktales are a reflection of the progressive community the Halakki tribe have made for themselves.

The songs often recite the relationship between wife and husband’s brother which used to be acceptable within the community until recently. The songs are predominantly infused with the fantasies and sexual desires of men about their wives or the woman who is used to bear a child if a family is unable to have one due to some complication with the wife. It should be taken into consideration that these songs were passed down to the Halakki women by their mothers and grandmothers, which implies the progressive nature of this tribal community since the ancient times. It should be noticed that the folk songs narrate their lives. The fact that the Halakki folk songs narrating the usual daily lives of the community is emphasised in a great degree. In reality too, the community is very outspoken about the sensitive subjects. They are vocal in discussing about topics like sexual desires as well any body parts. There is nothing off the wall for them.

This positive and liberal nature of the Halakki community is something to learn by the mainstream society whose conservative notions and hushed up discussions over the seemingly 'tabooed' subjects are not only regressive but also pioneers of artificial social structures and ideologies.