The Mythical Deities of the Mizo Clans

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The Mizo myths introduce various supernatural deities who possess different yet astounding attributes, specific to each of them. All of them have their own province of responsibility and expertise for which they have an integral status in the Mizo myths. Let’s dive into some prominent my

The mythical deities in the Mizo culture do not have any descendants or successors, like we observe in the rest of the cultures. Complexity of incest, thus, isn’t found amongst the mythical deities of Mizo tradition. Mizo deities are broadly divided into two categories– the good and benevolent deities, who are referred to as Khua-nu and PuVana; and secondly the evil ones who are called Huai, Chawm, and Phung.

Following are mentioned some of the deities that are popular in the Mizo myths:

1.Khuazingnu (khua-zing meaning disorder; nu means mother)- Her name literally translates to ‘Mother of Chaos'. She is revered as the goddess of creation, by the Mizos. They address her as Khua-nu. She is believed to have created the earth, flora and fauna, as well as human beings, therefore, she is considered to be the first deity. As per the Mizo myths, the general conjecture is that, when the population on the earth multiplied rapidly, Khua-nu took a couple from each race, put them inside a deep pit and covered it with a boulder in order to re-establish morality on earth.

2.Vanhrikpa- Seeing that the creator, Khuazingnu, could not supervise the increasing population of human beings and animals, she appointed Vanhrikpa as the ruler of all the earthly creatures. He made judgements based on their grievances. He was the mentor of all the creatures, hence, he is next to the creator, in power.

3.Sabereka- He is accepted as the primary god to be worshipped by the Mizo ancestors. Popularly known as PuVama, his dwelling place is on a hill, whose location is unknown. He is the creator as well as the destroyer and is often associated with anger and envy, which is why he is referred to as the ‘god of destruction’.

4.Phung/Chawm- They are regarded as demons because of their hideous forms. They are resentful towards humans, especially women, for their beauty and life filled with love, which the demons lack in themselves. This envy leads them to do tricks and cannibalism.

5.Chhama- Chhama is the leader of demons and he resides under the sea. This evil spirit never moves about and sleeps most of the time. But when he doesn’t, his fury for taking revenge destroys everything. His anger can be steered clear of, if proper negotiation is made by humans.