Santali food items to try and enjoy part 2

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Tribal food has always been a topic of enigma and discussions. People have always tried to understand the mystery of tribal food and as to what makes them tasty. Santali tribe has a distinct and unique collection of food items. So if you want to know what happens in Santali kitchen then t

Haku lah

Mostly it consists of small fish but in some cases big fish is also used. The fish is smeared in turmeric powder and spices. It is then wrapped in sal leaf. After wrapping it firmly, the sal packet with the fish is put on a chulha or stove. The flame is monitored to ensure that the fish is neither undercooked nor overcooked. On getting cooked the packet is unwrapped. The fish is taken out and eaten. Sometimes the cooked fish is crushed to create a paste which is eaten with chilli and salt.



Dumbu is made up of grounded rice. Mostly the grounded rice is wrapped in a sal leaf or given a certain shape. Then it is steamed. With the help of the vapor/steam, the rice gets cooked. The rice ball is taken out and served for eating.

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