Positive thinking is the key to good things

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Positive thinking is one of the key components of leading a happy and purposeful life. It opens the door to good things. In order to learn how to live positively we need to know certain aspects of positive thinking.

Thinking is a human ability. Normally we think in two different ways -positive and negative. If we get inspired by our friend's sucess then we have positive thinking and if we feel jealous then we have negative thinking. Positive thinking leads to development and negative thinking leads to degradation. Just as an apple falls due to law of attraction, good always comes to good people in some or the other way and bad always happens to bad people in some or the other way. Yet one may feel bad when meted with criticisms. In that case instead of reacting, one should take a pause and think if it correlates with facts and try to fill the lacuna. If not, then one should ignore it. Many a times people can provide criticism for the hearer's benefit. It is known as constructive criticism. Further, while providing criticism, one should have a positive approach. For instance, instead of saying "You have failed to achieve success" you can add "but". For instance you can say "Your effort is commendable but it can be better if you inculcate these". Last but not the least, positive thinking leads to a positive attitude which is an integral part of success and happiness. Hence positive thinking leads to the emergence of good things.