Importance of culture and tradition in the life of youngsters by Kanakaprabha Majhi

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Culture and tradition play an important role in our day to day life. They are relevant even in the present generation. Though their status in the present scenario is often meted with doubt and suspicion, their importance has stood the test of time and situation. The following article prese

Knowing our culture and tradition helps us in building our self confidence and create our own unique identity. It is important for us to know our roots and foundations. A key component of culture and tradition is language. Language can be learnt from generation to generation in the form of songs and folktales. Traditional food plays an important role in knowing the culture and tradition of an ethnicity. We can know more about it through recipes. The stories of gallantry and bravery of our ancestors can work as an example for youngsters to follow and admire. Knowing all these can instill a positive attitude in youngsters and also make them aware about culture, tradition and heritage. Last but not the least, tradition and culture are the home of each and every person where at the end of the day he comes and enjoys peace and happiness.


~ Kanakaprabha Majhi

Shashana Hembram 3 yrs

We should promote our culture and tradition through art, craft, songs or folktales in such a way that our youngster will find something interesting to gain.