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I need to introspect when I am growing up as time passes. When I do that, I find, I have so many problems to solve to live a life of dignity and life with meaning and purpose. I am a santal, what am I doing for tribes?

The world is changing rapidly, and the change is due to the fact of generation of new knowlegde in science and followed by in the field of technology. As the time progress, the newer technology are going to come in much more rate than the current one. What kind of transformation is expected to come is quite unclear? The human society is also dynamically struggling to adapt itself to the newer life style while dealing with the existing as well as yet-to-come problems. While observing the changes of the society it is quite natural to introspect on ourselves. We the tribals have come from different kind of cultural setup, our life style is unique in many apsect while we also share some of the commonilities with our fellow citizens. It is very much clear however that we have somehow could not yet able to adapt to the progress of the society which is influenced by technology and science. The problem therefore is clearly visible that still in our society there are many traditional as well as prospective issues which needs to be addressed with greater attention. I have tried to list out some of the problems which would start a discusssion to reach at some viable solutions. The problem I am listing is particulaly coming from myself beig a santal and lived the life from zero. I am sure the many of the problem would the parallel issues with other tribes as well. Of course, the united nation has listed out some of the tranditional problems, however, I have taken up the problem which are futuristic and technology driven. The idea of studying these problems are to come up with the solutions which are driven by innovation and scientific curiosity.

Problem 1: Being satisfied lethargically and not taking up the challeges

Problem 2: Being happy as taker while reluctant to be a contributor 

Problem 3: Diluting the purity of sarna dhorom with entertainment mind set

Problem 4: Not taking up the scientific study of sarna dhorom

Problem 5: Not thinking of innovative ways to solve the tribal economy

Problem 6: Not carrying forward the traditional values with the progress of society

Problem 7: Disrespecting women in our society

Problem 8: The thick handi brew is still a major challenge

Other problems: There are many other traditional problems with respect to village life and of course the current problems which are appearing among the so called educated tribal people. 

I/We need to introspect deeply. We must do that to bring out a sustainable solutions to these problem. I and You are educated in the modern curriculum as well as learnt something from our ancestors about our culture, life, values and much more. Therefore, it is my/our great responsibility to solve these to live a life which we can redefine in meaningful ways-the way which has been shown to us by our ancestor.

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Sergio Hembrom 1 y

I am impressed about your thinking that you have put forth. Congrats.
My personal point of view,
We are all ready divided into many groups in term of Religion, Culture, Language ( Al chiki or Roman) and so on.
Its also important to think little differently because as it is mentioned above the world is dramatically changing but our thinking pattern is almost same as 19ties.
Its my personal opinion regarding the accepting fact that no religion, culture or even language will remain same. There are many norms and the behaviour change which has to be transform other ways. Therefore its important to Unite Santal in one by accepting the fact of religion, culture, language and so on.

So as we are educating our-self and intellectually philosophizing the culture, we do need to write more from our own perspective.

Anyway i personally expect some more research in this case of ' Problem in our society '.