Sakrat-The major festival of Santals

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Tribal festivals are the topic of curiosity and excitement. They are not just vibrant but they also have a deep history behind them. Sakrat is a major festival of the Santali tribe. It is a period of happiness, joy and celebration. Santali people from all around the world celebrate this fe


It is one of the major festivals of the Santals. It occurs in the month of January. It is also known as "HologHurg Mah" and "Barabare Din". People eat leto, jil pitha, jil utu and haku.  On the morning of Sakrat Manjhi Baba and Manjhi Gogo and then the villagers bath in the Tupun Gat . Everyone wears new clothes. After that everyone goes home and they pray the Bongas (God) and ancestors in the Marang Olah or Bhitri Olah.They give the sacrifice of cock at the doorpost. Then the villagers go for "Sindra" or hunting. After that they do the "Bejatunj" in which they target a pole by arrow which is made up of banana tree. The festival is marked by dancing and singing. It is a period of joy and merrymaking. It is an integral part of Santali culture.